Getting to know me.

My name is Sheila Lischwe and I am a Certified Story Grid editor living in South Carolina. I have spent my entire career (except for one early stint at an indie bookstore) in higher education, helping faculty and staff realize their full potential via the written word.  I earned a doctoral degree in higher education administration from Saint Louis University, and am finishing a masters degree in Writing, Rhetoric and Media at Clemson University (thank the Lord for employee tuition remission), with a thesis project exploring the values of online writing communities.  I co-edit a professional peer-reviewed journal and am working steadily on my first novel, a thriller set in Upstate New York. As a firm believer in “where there’s a will there’s a way,” I hope to be part of “the way” aspiring authors can transform their ideas and drafts into finished works available for all the world to enjoy.