Story Diagnostic

Cost: $997

Have a manuscript you would like me to evaluate? Here is what I will provide:

  • The 6 Core Question Analysis. I will read your manuscript and apply the Story Grid 6 Core Question Analysis to your work. This is an intensive look at what works and what doesn’t work.

  • A One-Hour Phone Consultation. We’ll talk one-on-one, discussing your own questions and my analysis of your story. You will gain a clearer global, big-picture view of your manuscript and its genre.

  • A Story Grid Spreadsheet of Your First Five Scenes. This will give you a black-and-white, close-up view of which scenes are working and which aren’t—and why.

  • Next Steps Recommendation Letter. I’ll provide suggested next steps you can take to help improve your skills and your manuscript.

  • Masterworks of the Genre Recommendations and Additional Resources. Throughout the Story Grid Diagnostic process, we will work to identify and refine your genre choice. I’ll provide a list of three Masterworks for reference.

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